Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quanapin Drug Vs Xanax

Member: Peugeot 309 GTI

the TSB, we're all car enthusiasts, either when you see them, when one takes a picture, but especially when they were in our hands. For several years, trying to ride different from anything that can be seen on our roads and obviously within my means! So I could have an MG ZS and an Austin Mini (two cars totally opposite!). Then, after the sale of the Mini, I came across an ad from a 309 GTI! That says 309, said cheap: less than 2000 € for a 130hp car, lightweight, very well maintained throughout its life by its various owners! What can we find now as pleasure car, used daily, with an interview so cheap at this price? In my opinion no!

My 309 GTI is a 5-door Phase 1, that is to say with rectangular rear lights, the spoiler and a foam interior more stylish old. These are the most visible differences. That's 309 GTI produced the least of all with only 615 copies in 1989, 1989 being the year of commencement of marketing of Phase 2 (which will be part of the famous 309 GTI 16S).

The 1.9L engine delivers great power of 130hp, which enabled him to achieve the 0 to 100 km / h in 8 seconds and a top speed of nearly 210 km / h.

Finally, the only problem encountered at the 309 GTI is its image, and itself (Car grandpa) and compared to the 205 who had yet the same engine but had a much younger image. It is still the case today where the 205 GTI to see their original selling prices soar which means that buyers are beginning to turn to 309, despite its looks a bit clumsy and has the same engine thus the same driving pleasure.

Because YES, it is a pleasure to drive a 309 GTI: An inside you rarely see at this level, a nice sound, good performance, an unbeatable price whatsoever for purchase (and an assurance of not losing money by selling it) or maintenance and most importantly, I believe pleased to still maintain his car himself.


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